Official Complaint Against an Attorney Form

The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of New Mexico


This form is designed to provide the Disciplinary Board with the information required to make an initial evaluation of your complaint and to begin any needed inquiry or investigation into your allegations.

Please complete this form below online, or download and print a PDF of this form. If you are asserting allegations about more than one attorney, please complete a separate complaint form for each attorney. All materials that you file with the Disciplinary Board will become part of the Disciplinary Board’s confidential files and will not be returned or copied to you. Therefore, please provide only copies of your supporting documents with your original, signed complaint form. You will be advised in writing of receipt of your complaint and advised of the outcome of your complaint, subject to the limits of confidentiality.


It is the function of this office to investigate allegations of misconduct against specifically identified attorneys and, where there is evidence that the attorney has violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, to recommend appropriate sanctions for the future protection of the public. This office cannot challenge Court decisions or intervene in any case nor stop or delay any pending Court proceedings.